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Genuine skepticism is a virtue in science. Unfortunately, some who call themselves skeptics are in truth fundamentalists who attack any challenge to their beliefs, even if it means contradicting core scientific principles. They assume psi and other phenomena cannot exist, a priori, remaining willfully ignorant of the evidence and hewing to a strict materialism without question. They are pseudoskeptics.

Skeptical About Skeptics shines a light on these actors with articles by top scientists and thinkers, revealing their faulty critiques and the underhanded methods they employ. We highlight controversies in specific fields of research and examine prominent pseudoskeptics and skeptical organizations.

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Medical Skepticism: Today’s Scientific Cultural Disease

Originally published on the Progressive Radio Network, August 5, 2019
© Richard Gale and Dr Gary Null PhD

Modern day Skepticism is one of those annoying contagions that won't go away. It is rather like a persistent Candida yeast infection. It is painful to common sense. Worse, Skepticism flares up when you least expect it. On the internet, primarily on Wikipedia, its ideology and propaganda go largely unnoticed, camouflaged by sharp criticism serving as a non-appointed jury rather than an objective voice of logic. Therefore, we have no reservations in stating that the extreme scientific reductionism represented by Skepticism, especially biological and medical skepticism, is a serious threat to medical innovation, scientific discovery and in the long term public health. Although Skepticism has been a worldview dating back to the nineteenth century, today's Skepticism is far more radicalized. Because Skeptics believe they represent the pinnacle of scientific materialism, many of the movement's celebrity gurus feel they are the entitled saviors to redeem modern civilization from thousands of years of past history when human societies utilized medicinal plants and ancient mind-body practices to treat illnesses and the role of religion, spiritual practices, faith and belief to promote a sense of well being and psychological wholeness. As with so much of our dysfunctional postmodern world, Skepticism is therefore a natural outgrowth of white-dominant, patriarchal entitlement that continues to plague postmodern society. It is another perversion of identity politics however disguised under the banner of science.

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Stephen Barrett: Wikipedia's Agent Provacateur Against Natural Medicine

Originally published on the Progressive Radio Network, April 1, 2019
© Richard Gale

During the past year, we have released 24 separate investigative stories about Wikipedia, its co-founder Jimmy Wales, and the fringe movement of Skeptics who have gained monopolistic editorial control over Wikipedia entries dealing with natural health, nutrition and complementary and alternative healing modalities (e.g., Chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, etc.). Yet we are unaware of any journalist in the mainstream media or persons within the larger medical and scientific communities who has asked a fundamental question. Are Wikipedia's editors accurate? How much knowledge and expertise do they possess in the subjects they are critiquing? We have, and we are appalled by our discoveries. Besides using its leverage as the single most visited website influencing people's information and decisions on health matters, there seems to be growing evidence that Wikipedia is in violation of its IRS status. Wales and his Skeptic comrades have covertly inculcated the encyclopedia with medical ideologies while relying upon slander to stage an offensive that would destroy the reputations of health disciplines they disagree with. Below we are providing one glaring example of an individual who has been the most highly referenced resource for the Skeptic's aggression, Dr. Stephen Barrett.

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Wikipedia, a tool for the ruling elite

Helen Buyniski ON CONTACT with Chris Hedges

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